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Aladdin Connect

As a school we are going to upgrade to Aladdin Connect over the next few weeks. A letter has been sent home today explaining what is involved. The letter is below for anyone who would like to follow the links:

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Our school is delighted to announce that we will shortly roll out the Aladdin Schools Connect to parents/guardians of children in our classes.  

The school uses the Aladdin Schools software service for administrative purposes and Connect will give you secure access to messages from the school and to details of your child’s attendance, test results, reports cards etc  via secure login from your internet browser or Aladdin Connect App.

Aladdin Connect is a fantastic way to enhance a school’s communication with parents. It enables parents to stay connected and informed about their child’s education. 

You can rest reassured that Aladdin Schools uses state-of-the-art security to safeguard information entered by the school and data is stored and processed in strict compliance with Irish and European data protection laws.

In the next few days, you will receive a text/email message containing your registration link. In preparation for this please let the school know if your email address or phone number has changed recently.

For further assistance please go to https://aladdin.ie/files/pdf/ParentSignUp.pdf to see the Parent Connect signup process.  There will be one link per parent. Please do not forward this text/email or share this link as this is a unique registration link for each parent for your child/children in this school. 

Please note: If there are any personal concerns, or legal provisions in place regarding giving access to Connect to any parent/guardian of your child please contact myself or Ms Dodrill HSCL in confidence to discuss or restrict access as required.

We hope that you enjoy using Aladdin Connect. For more information please visit https://www.aladdin.ie/connect_app_faqs.html

These links and a copy of this letter can be found on our school website.

Your class teacher, the secretary or myself will welcome any feedback or questions you may have.
Yours sincerely,


Monday the 1st of March


Mid-Term Break

Before we switch off from Online Learning for the next week I would like to say some thank yous. Firstly I would like to thank our wonderful pupils for logging on to Seesaw for the last few weeks and engaging in online learning so well. It has not been easy for you but we are all so impressed with how you have stuck with it and kept at it during these difficult times.

Secondly, I would like to thank our wonderful parents who have taken on the huge task of helping your child navigate online learning. While it is not an ideal solution it is the safest solution we have at the moment so thank you for helping your child get online and for giving them a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Finally I would like to thank the teachers and SNAs in our school who have adapted so well to online learning. It has been a steep learning curve for everyone involved and I think as a school community we have all done so well over the last few weeks.

Over the next week I would encourage children to try and spend less time on screens if possible and explore other skills or hobbies that they might have. Most of all I want you all to stay safe so we will all be back in school when it is safe to do so.

Have a lovely week off,

Best wishes,

Mr Cronin

What happens if your child is unwell in school.

Welcome to our blue room!

When your child is unwell in school they are taken to the blue room while they wait for an adult to come and collect them. These are guidelines that were given to every school in the country by the Department of Education and Skills.

These are pictures to show your child so they know what will happen if they get sick:






What snake am I on?

Below is the list of what class lines up on what snake and at what time. We have painted dots on the snakes one metre apart for children to stand on.

Please remember that siblings come to school at the same time as the eldest sibling. Junior and Senior Infants finish at 1.25pm. Siblings from 1st Class up can leave at the same time as the eldest sibling.


Start: 8.45am

Home time: 1.25pm

Red – Junior Infants, Ms. Kealy *

Dark Blue – Junior Infants, Ms. Feehily *

Yellow – Senior Infants, Ms. Flannery

Light Blue – Senior Infants, Ms. Tobin

*For the first week Junior Infants will be in from 10am-12pm.


Start: 9.00

Home time: 2.10pm

Red – 1st Class, Ms. Fisher

Dark Blue – 1st Class, Ms. Bell

Yellow – 2nd Class, Ms. Gallagher

Light Blue – 2nd Class, Ms. Hurley


Start: 9.15am

Home time: 2.20pm

Red – 3rd Class, Ms. Atkinson

Dark Blue – 3rd Class, Ms Clarke

Yellow – 4th Class, Ms. Shackleton

Light Blue – 4th Class, Ms. O’ Neill


Start: 9.30am

Home time: 2.30pm


Red – 5th Class, Ms. Breen

Dark Blue – 5th Class, Mr. Cushen

Yellow – 6th Class, Ms. Larkin

Light Blue – 6th Class, Ms. Dodrill

We would ask that parents DO NOT cross the double red line or enter the school. Don’t forget to wear a mask when dropping and collecting your child from school. Please also read the following if you have not already.

Return to school


Back to School Email Header

As everyone is trying to stay busy at home we have decided to run an Art Competition. Entries can be done on paper, on a computer, using items from your recycling, anything at all! So get creative!

download artist 2

As we all know things have been very different since the school has closed and lots of us are having to change how we do things so….

The theme for the art competition is:

Staying Strong While Staying Apart

Some ideas for inspiration….

  • Show us how you have been spending time at home and keeping busy
  • How you have been helping others
  • How you have been showing kindness
  • Any new activities or hobbies you have started
  • A celebration of the many heroes we have helping us

We have lots of prizes to give out so we are very excited to see what you will come up with!

download artist

The closing date for the competition is Friday the 15th of May at 2.30pm.

Send a photo of your entry to ciaran.hscl@gmail.com. Please be sure to put your name and class on your entry!

Good luck!!


Carol Singing in Dundrum.


Snow Day in St James’s PS

Due to severe weather conditions and following government advice St James’s PS is closed until Monday, 5th March…a peaceful sight in the school yard this morning. Stay warm and safe!Jamebo 2Jamebo 3Jamebo 1

October Newsletter 2017

Our school newsletter was sent home this week. For anyone who missed it take a look here:

Halloween Newsletter

Halloween 2017

Today we had our Halloween dress up day and disco and everywhere you looked there was witches, skeletons, zombies and ghouls!

We hope you all have a lovely week off and that everyone comes back in safe and sound after the break. 

Here’s a few photos of our pupils dressed up today!

20171027_103516 20171027_103119 20171027_102924 20171027_102905 20171027_102703 20171027_102615 20171027_102122 20171027_101655 20171027_101436 20171027_101223 20171027_095946 20171027_100242 20171027_100517 20171027_100742 20171027_101043 20171027_095503 20171027_103915