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Using our senses in the school garden.

Using our senses in our school garden. Smelling lavender, tasting herbs, looking at cloud shapes in the sky and listening to birds in the trees. 

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Amazing work done on the school garden!!

On Friday the 10th of March volunteers from Amdocs Software Systems came in to our school to revamp our school garden.

They cleared weeds, cleaned out the pond, varnished the benches and planted lovely new flowers for us to enjoy. They did absolutely trojan work!!

This was all organised by Volunteer Ireland and we are extremely grateful for their support.

Take a look for yourself…

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Walk on Wednesday!!

On Wednesday the 15th of February both staff and students took part in our first Walk on Wednesday. This was organised by the Ms. Mahon and her very hard working Green School Committee. 

As you can see from the pictures we had two empty car parks and it was great to see the whole school take part on the day.

Well done to Ms. Mahon and her Green School Committee for all the work they put into organising the day.

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Save Water

We had a Water Action Day on Monday 10th March. Everyone in the school took part. They designed posters, made pledges, coloured, sang songs and had a quiz.  All the children now know loads of ways to save water at home.  They will be turning off the tap when brushing their teeth and they won’t leave taps running any more.

Getting ready for Water Action Day. Making a poster of the water cycle.

Getting ready for Water Action Day. Making a poster of the water cycle.

School Spring Clean

As part of National Spring Clean week we will be having a spring clean on Wednesday 27th March.  This will be just ahead of our Open Day, to spruce things up. Any parents that are interested in helping out can tell the front desk and they’ll let Ms Mahon know. This would be very much appreciated.  Teams from each class will get a chance to join in.

Taking care of our school

Taking care of our school