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Cleanest Classroom December 2014


Saint James’s Primary School Cleanest Classroom Champions December 2014

Don’t we look happy Mammies, Daddies and Guardians?

We won the Cleanest Classroom Competition in December and we are working hard to do well this month!

We are working hard to get points by putting the right rubbish in the correct bin. We also make sure our floor is tidy and that we bring home all our lunch in our lunch bags.


Our classroom bins. Yellow is for general waste. Orange is for recycling paper.

Our orange bin is our recycling bin. We only put paper in this bin.

We love recycling and having a tidy classroom!


Open Day – Fun Science Experiments

On Open Day our class made slime, created lava lamps, invented a balloon rocket and used a magnet to race cars around a racetrack. Check out our photographs below.

P1030525 P1030526 P1030538P1030530  P1030539 P1030540 P1030542  P1030544P1030545 P1030546P1030543

Our Roman Projects

We are learning about ancient Rome.  Everyone in our class is busy working on their project.  In a few weeks we will be ready to present our projects.  Did you know that people used to fight to death in the Colosseum? It’s now one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome.



We have been working alongside the artist Mirjam Keune on our topic ‘Minibeasts’ .  Firstly we read the book ‘|Bugs in a blanket’ as our stimulus. Each week we created different artwork, such as drawings, making our own felt pictures and creating creatures with fimo clay to name but a few. Check out our photographs below of us all in action.

DSC_1422r DSC_1424r DSC_1456r DSC_1460r DSC_1474r DSC_1480r Feltmaking Joanna Ms Waters 1st class-DSC_1266rc Feltmaking Joanna Ms Waters 1st class-DSC_1269r Feltmaking Joanna Ms Waters 1st class-DSC_1270r Feltmaking Joanna Ms Waters 1st class-DSC_1272r Feltmaking Joanna Ms Waters 1st class-DSC_1276r Feltmaking Joanna Ms Waters 1st class-DSC_1281r Feltmaking Joanna Ms Waters 1st class-DSC_1282r Feltmaking Joanna Ms Waters 1st class-DSC_1286r



Welcome to our class blog. We cant wait to share our news with you all! Hurry back for more.

Junior Achievements Science Matters

On the 30th of January Mr Cronin’s 5th Class took a trip to Trinity College. We learned about Carbon Monoxide poisoning as well as becoming C.S.I scientists for the afternoon!! We got to check for fingerprints and do tests to find out what different mystery substances were.

Everybody had a fantastic day and here are a few pictures to prove that we did!C.S.I. Scientists 20140130_112232 20140130_112237 20140130_112250 20140130_112255

Second Class Sunflowers




As Spring is the time of growth, we decided to do a little planting! We learnt all about how plants grow and what they need to survive. After this, we got some plastic cups, compost, sunflower seeds and water and planted our very own Sunflowers.


We will look after them every day and hopefully the sun will shine enough to make them big and strong!

WP_20140212_005  WP_20140212_001 WP_20140212_004 WP_20140212_002 WP_20140212_008




Take a look at our beautiful St.Brigid’s Day pictures we coloured. We thank St.Brigid for Spring Time. image[6]

The Gingerbread Man

Run run as fast as you can you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man… We learnt about the story of The Gingerbread Man. For Golden time we decided to make our own. We were afraid the Gingerbread Men would hop out of the oven and escape!! We made sure we ate them straight away!

Ms. McGoey helped us with our recipe and brought in an electric mixer. We had great fun using it.

We learnt new words-Recipe, Ingredients, Mixture, Electric Mixer, Dough, Timer.image image[1] image[2] image[3] image[4]

We really enjoyed baking and hope to do it again soon.

Spring has Sprung

We are delighted that it is finally Spring Time! Lets hope the weather gets better! In the meantime we painted beautiful daffodils in hopes that the weather will improve! See our paintings…image (2)