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Life Cycle of the Butterfly

We have read the Hungry Caterpillar whilst learning about the life cycle of the butterfly.  We even have our own caterpillars which are now in cocoons.  We can’t wait for them to become butterflies very soon!!20160602_134358 20160602_134450

Learning about capacity

We took advantage of the good weather and took our learning outside.  We played with sand and water to learn about the concept of capacity.  The children were so engrossed in this activity and used lots of maths language whilst chatting with their partners.  They talked about containers being full, empty, holding more, holding less.  They measured how many spoons would fill a cup and counted as they went.  We all had great fun!

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20160601_100141 20160531_103754 20160531_103748 20160531_103735 20160601_100420

The Hungry Caterpillar


We have been reading the story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle.  We have learned all about the life cycle of the butterfly and have completed lots of activities based on this theme.

Today we made Hungry Caterpillar necklaces using painted pasta, beads and card.  It was a little tricky but we stuck with it and made some beautiful pieces.

20160527_124957 20160527_124955 20160527_124953 20160527_124951 20160527_124948 20160527_124946

We even have our own caterpillars in our room.  We have watched them grow over the past two weeks.  We think that they might be hanging in their cocoons when we come back to school on Monday.



A trip to the garden

After enjoying a lovely lunch at the picnic tables in the garden we decided to explore the garden.


Making wishes


Close your eyes and make a wish…


We found snails stuck to the pots.


We turned over a lot of stones and logs to find lots of mini-beasts


Can you spot the woodlice?


We found slugs under the logs

Fun in the sun

The sun has got it’s hat on and we’re coming out to play, hip hip hooray!


Enjoying a picnic at little break


We had an extra few minutes on the playground.


Dining al fresco in the garden at big lunch.


Gardaí- New recruits!

When the Gardaí came to visit the boys and girls got a chance to dress up in their uniform.  I think you’ll agree that they make the cutest new recruits!

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Special Visitors in Junior Infants

Junior Infants have had some special visitors over the past couple of weeks as part of our topic “People Who Help Us”.

On Friday 15th April the Gardaí came to visit us.

image (4)

Two Gardaí visited to tell us all about their job.


We learned about the Garda uniform


We learned about all of the items on the Garda’s belt.

image (1)

We saw the lights flashing and counted how many blue lights were on the car. Can you remember how many there were boys and girls?


We even got to hear the siren. It was very loud and we had to put our fingers in our ears!

On Thursday 21st of March Nurse Sharon came into school to tell us all about her job.


Nurse Sharon told us how she helped sick people in hospital get better.


Nurse Sharon showed us how to use a torch to see if someone has a sore throat or infection.


We had a chance to be nurses and patients too!


We had our temperatures taken….


…we gave Ms Tobin an injection…


…we used syringes and wore masks…


…and Nurse Sharon showed us how to wrap bandages properly and make a sling.

On Thursday 27th April “Postman Pat” came to visit.


We learned all about being a postman and how the letters are sorted and then delivered to our houses.



The postman’s bike is very heavy and has three big bags on it to carry letters.


Junior Infants and The Jolly Postman.

Thank you so much to all of our visitors.  We really enjoyed your visits and learned lots from you.


Picnic In The Sun!

Hello everyone!

Today we had a picnic in the garden. It was very sunny and we had lots of fun!


Forth Class Full of Future Alan Sugars?

We finished our Junior Achievement Programme and were invited to Pioneer Investments, Georges Quay Plaza, to celebrate our Graduation!

This programme helped us learn a lot about business. We learned about the different types of business, how they run and how to be successful.

When we arrived we got the lift to the 8th floor and looked out over all of Dublin city. We got certificates to celebrate our hard work. It was so cool being in the fancy top-floor boardroom!

Thank you to Alan in Pioneer Investments who worked with us and held this fun party for us!

Fun in the Boardroom

A very important meeting…

Fun in the Boardroom!

Fun in the Boardroom!


Watch out world, Ms. Smith’s 4th Class are business savvy and shooting for the stars! 🙂 

Reading in 1st Class

The boys reading on their own. All working hard.

Reading in progress!

Keep practising. Great effort by everyone.