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Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year from Senior Infants 🙂


Here we are with our paper lanterns.



And we made some colourful dragon masks too!

20160208_121147 20160208_121151 20160208_121158 20160208_121204 20160208_121209

Run, run as fast as you can……..

We loved hearing the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’, so we decided to make our own!20151218_092123


We used gingerbread dough, cookie cutters, rolling pins and lots of bits and bobs to decorate them.

20151218_092115 20151218_092105


We also decorated some gingerbread cookies.

20151218_121245 20151218_121146 20151218_121140 20151218_12113220151218_121151



Room 6 found gold!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of the boys and girls in Ms. Bell’s 1st Class 🙂

20150318_103139[1] 20150318_103028[1]


Do you like our colourful rainbows?

20150318_102910[1] 20150318_102839[1] 20150318_102627[1]


We used oil pastels in every colour of the rainbow to make our magical masterpieces.

20150318_102516[1] 20150318_102407[1] 20150318_102324[1] 20150318_102252[1]Then we used black and yellow paint to create our pots of shiny gold.

20150318_102209[1] 20150318_102126[1] 20150318_102047[1]

Now there’s only one thing left to figure out. Where did Lucky the Leprechaun go???

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! ♣