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What happens if your child is unwell in school.

Welcome to our blue room!

When your child is unwell in school they are taken to the blue room while they wait for an adult to come and collect them. These are guidelines that were given to every school in the country by the Department of Education and Skills.

These are pictures to show your child so they know what will happen if they get sick:






What snake am I on?

Below is the list of what class lines up on what snake and at what time. We have painted dots on the snakes one metre apart for children to stand on.

Please remember that siblings come to school at the same time as the eldest sibling. Junior and Senior Infants finish at 1.25pm. Siblings from 1st Class up can leave at the same time as the eldest sibling.


Start: 8.45am

Home time: 1.25pm

Red – Junior Infants, Ms. Kealy *

Dark Blue – Junior Infants, Ms. Feehily *

Yellow – Senior Infants, Ms. Flannery

Light Blue – Senior Infants, Ms. Tobin

*For the first week Junior Infants will be in from 10am-12pm.


Start: 9.00

Home time: 2.10pm

Red – 1st Class, Ms. Fisher

Dark Blue – 1st Class, Ms. Bell

Yellow – 2nd Class, Ms. Gallagher

Light Blue – 2nd Class, Ms. Hurley


Start: 9.15am

Home time: 2.20pm

Red – 3rd Class, Ms. Atkinson

Dark Blue – 3rd Class, Ms Clarke

Yellow – 4th Class, Ms. Shackleton

Light Blue – 4th Class, Ms. O’ Neill


Start: 9.30am

Home time: 2.30pm


Red – 5th Class, Ms. Breen

Dark Blue – 5th Class, Mr. Cushen

Yellow – 6th Class, Ms. Larkin

Light Blue – 6th Class, Ms. Dodrill

We would ask that parents DO NOT cross the double red line or enter the school. Don’t forget to wear a mask when dropping and collecting your child from school. Please also read the following if you have not already.

Return to school

What will our school look like?

The staff of Saint James’s Primary School have been working extremely hard this past week to get the school ready for the return of our wonderful pupils. We hope that you can show this post to your son or daughter to show them what school will look like when they return!

Coming to school in the morning time:


Firstly, we have painted these lovely snakes on the ground for our children to line up on. You have been sent a text with what time and what colour your child needs to line up on. We would ask that parents DO NOT cross the red line in the picture. There will be teachers there if you have any messages to pass on but for now no parents will be allowed to enter the school without making an appointment.

                                 Entering the school:


As you can see inside the school looks a little bit different. Natasha and Pauline’s desk has perspex on it and the floors now have tape and arrows to show you which direction to walk. We will all stay on the left when going to and coming from class.

Entering your classroom:


There is now a hand sanitiser station at the entrance to every class and toilet in the school. Pupils will be asked to sanitise their hands when entering and leaving each area. This is extremely important and everyone will need to be very patient to make sure everyone can clean their hands.

                                  What classrooms will look like:

IMG-20200905-WA0014 IMG-20200905-WA0008

We have organised each classroom into “pods”. A “pod” is a group that a child will sit with. We have made sure that where possible each pod is one metre away from the next pod. We will also ask children to stay inside the yellow tape and not to share anything with children in other pods.


                       Other things you might see around the school:

IMG-20200905-WA0013 IMG-20200905-WA0012

These stickers will also be around the school. They are reminders to keep our distance from each other and to stay as safe as possible.

We are really looking forward to our pupils coming back on Monday the 7th and we hope that these pictures will help calm any nerves or fears that any pupils may have. It will be the same school just a little bit different as we all want to keep safe.


Returning to School – Everything You Need to Know!

Return to school

The following documents are more information for parents on safely returning to school:

Advice for parents EN

Information from HSE for parents

Road Map to Re-opening Schools

Please  read the following policies on re-opening schools.

The government’s roadmap:

Roadmap for School Reopening 27 July 2020

Our school’s policy:

St.James’s Covid 19 Policy Statement

2020-21 School Calendar

Please take a moment to look at the school calendar for the upcoming school year.

Parent Calendar 2020-2021 PDF

6th Class Graduation 2020

Congratulations to all the boys and girls who graduated from our school today. It is only goodbye for now as I am sure you will all come back to visit when things are back to normal! Enjoy your day and well done guys!!

Wellbeing Week 15th of June-19th of June

This week is Wellbeing Week! We want you to take photographs of your favourite wellbeing activities. Enjoy the week & we can’t wait to see what you get up to!


Active Week

At this time of the year we would usually be having Active Week so we have decided to run an Active at Home Week!!




Signs of Summer School Project

Signs of Summer

The summer holidays are getting close and for that reason we have decided to run a whole school photography project.

We want you to take photographs of any signs of summer or summer activities you have been doing!