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First Class Mickey Mouse Club

Squeak! Squeak! 

We turned into mice for the school concert in March.

We opened up the show and did our parents, our teachers, Ms. Barrer and ourselves proud! Squeak!



We think mice are rather nice,

Their tails are long,

Their faces are small,

They haven’t any chins at all.

Their ears are pink,

Their teeth are white,

They run about the house at night!

They nibble things they shouldn’t touch,

And no-one seems to like them much!

But, we think mice are NICE!

Fairies in the Botanic Gardens

In October we were ‘away with the fairies’ in the Botanic Gardens.

For our Creativity in the Classroom with Liz the artist, we were exploring the small and magical world of fairies.

We looked all around us to see where the fairies live.

Botanic garden trip 057

 Botanic garden trip 062Botanic garden trip 070

It was really fun searching for the fairies, we even imagined what it would be like to be fairies!

 Botanic garden trip 068Botanic garden trip 092

Botanic garden trip 075Botanic garden trip 076

There were signs of them everywhere! We looked at their tools and some of their houses!

 Botanic garden trip 066Botanic garden trip 086

  Botanic garden trip 089Botanic garden trip 088Botanic garden trip 111

We even found some friends of the fairies in the Gardens!

Botanic garden trip 083Botanic garden trip 097Botanic garden trip 121

The fairies had very interesting sculptures and creations.

Botanic garden trip 101 Botanic garden trip 099Botanic garden trip 110  Botanic garden trip 149Botanic garden trip 151

 We saw the beautiful flowers in the Gardens that the fairies keep safe and strong.

Botanic garden trip 132 Botanic garden trip 144Botanic garden trip 136 Botanic garden trip 155

Thank you Liz for taking us to visit the fairies, we really enjoyed our trip!

Botanic garden trip 139Botanic garden trip 142

Cleanest Classroom December 2014


Saint James’s Primary School Cleanest Classroom Champions December 2014

Don’t we look happy Mammies, Daddies and Guardians?

We won the Cleanest Classroom Competition in December and we are working hard to do well this month!

We are working hard to get points by putting the right rubbish in the correct bin. We also make sure our floor is tidy and that we bring home all our lunch in our lunch bags.


Our classroom bins. Yellow is for general waste. Orange is for recycling paper.

Our orange bin is our recycling bin. We only put paper in this bin.

We love recycling and having a tidy classroom!