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Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year from Senior Infants :)


Here we are with our paper lanterns.



And we made some colourful dragon masks too!

20160208_121147 20160208_121151 20160208_121158 20160208_121204 20160208_121209

Run, run as fast as you can……..

We loved hearing the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’, so we decided to make our own!20151218_092123


We used gingerbread dough, cookie cutters, rolling pins and lots of bits and bobs to decorate them.

20151218_092115 20151218_092105


We also decorated some gingerbread cookies.

20151218_121245 20151218_121146 20151218_121140 20151218_12113220151218_121151



Junior Assembly – Christmas 2015


Ms. Flynn and Ms. Brennan begin our Junior Christmas Assembly 2015.


Natasha with all her ‘Perfect’ Attendees! All students were in every second of every minute of every hour in this school term.


Natasha with all the most improved and excellent attendees. Well done everyone.

Term 1 Superstars from every class. Brilliant effort everyone!

Term 1 Superstars from every class. Brilliant effort everyone!


English award winners from each class.


Maths award winners from each class.

Santa visits St. James’s Primary School

Santa took time out of his busy schedule to visit all the boys and girls in school today.
Take a look at his list and check it twice to see if your name is on it!!!


IMG_0417IMG_0418 IMG_0416


1916 Commemorations

On Wednesday the 11th of November two members of the Irish army arrived at our school to present us with an Irish flag and our very own copy of the proclamation of the Irish Republic.  We learnt how to look after our flag and what the colours represent. We also had a very special visitor, John Stephenson, whose grandfather fought at the GPO in 1916. He told us all about the rising and about all the interesting places in our locality where fighting actually took place. We had a great day.