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First Class Mickey Mouse Club

Squeak! Squeak! 

We turned into mice for the school concert in March.

We opened up the show and did our parents, our teachers, Ms. Barrer and ourselves proud! Squeak!



We think mice are rather nice,

Their tails are long,

Their faces are small,

They haven’t any chins at all.

Their ears are pink,

Their teeth are white,

They run about the house at night!

They nibble things they shouldn’t touch,

And no-one seems to like them much!

But, we think mice are NICE!

Room 6 found gold!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of the boys and girls in Ms. Bell’s 1st Class :)

20150318_103139[1] 20150318_103028[1]


Do you like our colourful rainbows?

20150318_102910[1] 20150318_102839[1] 20150318_102627[1]


We used oil pastels in every colour of the rainbow to make our magical masterpieces.

20150318_102516[1] 20150318_102407[1] 20150318_102324[1] 20150318_102252[1]Then we used black and yellow paint to create our pots of shiny gold.

20150318_102209[1] 20150318_102126[1] 20150318_102047[1]

Now there’s only one thing left to figure out. Where did Lucky the Leprechaun go???

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! ♣