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6th Class Trip to St. James’s Hospital

Our Trip to the Hospital – By Malwinka Goderska

For Science Week, our class went to the hospital to learn about all the different jobs. There were ststions around the room for each job like CPR (Doctor), social workers, etc.

  • CPR – CPR is something doctors need to learn and it’s to make a person breath again. We had to perform CPR on a dummy and we also got CPR masks in case we ever needed them.
  • Nurse – The nurse checked our blood pressure and temperature using special tools, and we also learned about a nurse’s job.
  • 3D Printing – At the 3D printing station we got to see how a 3D printer works and that you can make body parts with it.
  • Occupational Therapist – An occupational therapist helps people to regain movement after an accident.
  • Physiotherapist – The Physiotherapist helps people to work on their balance and strength.

The hospital also gave us clothes to look like a doctor, like a surgical mask, and a doctors vest, and we also got sweets at the end. I really enjoyed the day and I think it was a great experience.



What We Learned / Thought:

The physiotherapist does things to help people get their muscles back working after being in a cast for weeks. – Taylor Malone

The hospital is very interesting and if someone passes out, you have to check their pulse. It is very important. I would like to be a doctor. I loved the day. They gave us lots of advice. You can be anything in a hospital and it is very important to take care of your body. – Hollie Brophy

3D printing was used to make new ears for people – Jake Malone

Believe it or not 250ml of sweat comes out of your feet every day – Seán Ward

An occupational therapist is someone who makes things more usable for people, like adding grips to cutlery. – Sylis Eldar

A nurse checks your blood pressure and your heart rate. – Nikol Nikolova

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